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We make life simple for event organizers

Update information on-the-fly

Edit your content at any time from an easy-to-use administrator panel. A speaker failed to show up? Bring the event schedule up to date with just two clicks.

Instant notifications

Transfer arrangements suddenly changed? A super promotion from a sponsor is about to start? Your announcements will be noticed even if the application is not running.

No more paper handouts

A contemporary approach to event handouts: the information is always at hand, with no more leaflets ending up in the bin. And no trees will be harmed.

Savvy approach to sponsoring

Offer you sponsors new ways to interact with the audience, like polls, targeted messages, and interactive experiences. All interactions with the target audience will be summarized and analyzed.

Cisco Connect

Jonathan Sparrow

We thank the Eventicius company for their invaluable contribution to Cisco Connect 2017. Your support helped us make the conference a significant and memorable event. We are sure that together we’ll have many more victories in the future.

Gastreet — International Restaurant Show

Zhenya Sufiyanova

We have a thing for technology, and I think this is the first application that meets absolutely all our needs. We used push notifications very actively, and they did an excellent job in keeping a crowd of several thousand organized and informed. I think that today you can’t win without investing in technology. We are simply obsessed with it.

Sviaz-Bank Conference

Ivan Morkovkin

We surveyed the audience to find out how they rated the application. The results show that the app received very high marks from my colleagues! Once again, thank you VERY MUCH for your work!

“Practices and Development” Festival

Asya Rogonova

This year, even the traditionalists used the application, and progressive users said they were very pleased and thankful. The Media Wall was simply superb! By the middle of the festival, when we had accumulated a lot of photos with the hashtag, it looked really cool. Also, special thanks for the intuitive and easy-to-use admin panel, which made the work so much simpler and faster.


Artyom Baltadgiyev

The mobile application was appreciated by everyone. It did an amazing job in promoting networking and simpler communication, in organizing the timing and questions from the audience, and in updating the schedule – in a word, it helped in all respects.

  • 700+

    events organized

  • 200,000


  • 12


  • 25,000

    hours spent in the app

We digitize your events

Content created by attendees themselves

By discussing presentations and posting their photos and comments, “active” attendees create an information environment and draw the rest of the audience into it.

We’ll bring your event up to today’s standards

Everyone is glued to their smartphones. Digital technology is about much more than just event status. Today, it’s a way of life.

Scenarios you have never even thought of before

For those true event makers, we offer new ways of interacting with the audience that bring together virtual and real. And we provide tools for implementing our ideas.

We make your events more appreciated by the audience

All necessary information is always at hand

Where is this seminar taking place? How do I find the booth I need? What time does the presentation start and when is a coffee break? Whom do I contact if… - isn’t it great when the event organizers have thoughtfully put the answers to all questions literally at your fingertips?

60,000Registered in the application

Everyone can take part and express themselves

When you can voice your opinion by casting your vote, can share your expertise, can ask questions without having to fight for the microphone, and can see yourself on the media screen – now this is what we call BEING A PART OF THE EVENT.

61.3%Сompleted their profile

Networking platform that really works

30,000met through the app
51.6%contacts were successful

The majority of contacts initiated through the app led to confirmed appointments, chats or business cards exchange.

Solution specifically tailored to your needs

  • We dive deep into details and come up with the best-fitted solution
  • You get a custom app with your own branding
  • We fine-tune it to your needs, and you can always add more features

HR Summit & Expo Asia

The largest HR conference in Asia attended by international organizations, business leaders and HR specialists.

  • 9 parallel tracks + exhibition
  • 89% users logged in
  • 1114 chats created

Cisco Connect

An event that covers the hottest topics in IT industry, from the internet of things and digitizing businesses to cloud technologies, with over a hundred presentations and the largest exhibition of Cisco solutions.

  • 1300+ app installations
  • 1187 questions and comments on presentations
  • 850+ attendees met through the app


International conferences dedicated to affiliate marketing and organized by industry professionals for community members.

  • English, Vietnamese, Spanish and Russian languages
  • 1100+ app installs


Black Sea Grain is the main platform for the dialogue between the biggest agrimarket’s representatives, and also a possibility to attract new investments to agriculture of the Black Sea region.

  • 3200+ app installs
  • 855 chats created
  • 685 meetings arranged


This year 404 delegates from 12 countries came to EFEA and Event Live – a communication site for active interaction between events industry professionals. Both forums are easy to explore in a single app with pre-filled personal schedules. And in-app gamification helps to keep attendees focused and engaged.


This annual function gathers heads of defense ministries and experts in international security from 83 countries. The conference app provides delegates with easy access to up-to-date schedule, reports, photo and video materials and all the necessary information.

Gil Petersil – Networking Marathon

One of the largest international networking events: a 2-days incentive, an online course and a final conference with 1000 attendees.

  • 99% attendees used the app
  • 72% completed their profiles

Postgres Vision

Postgres Vision is the preeminent event for networking with the brightest minds and companies defining the future of enterprise open source data management. Featured speakers include Steve Wozniak and other industry luminaries. The mobile app facilitates this collaboration by providing all the necessary information and networking features.


Vision International People Group gathered its members for the 20th-anniversary celebration, where product presentations, training, networking and other activities were held. The official application helped guests to navigate the event and communicate with each other.

  • 968 app installs
  • 69% users logged in
  • 500 messages sent

Fan House RIO-2016

Fans House is a traditional project of the Russian Olympic Committee, proven at the highest level during the international sports events. For anyone who wanted to support Russian Team at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro this was the place – and the app. All the information about entertaining activities in the House on a daily basis, news and games results are available in the official application.

  • 15348 app installs

Support with a soul

Our diligent customer service team will offer the best scenario for integrating the application into your event. We’ll help with data entry and configuration. We’ll resolve any questions that arise before, during or after the event. We’ll be available on weekdays and holidays.

Deltaplan agency

Polina Tyurikova

I wanted to thank you for your work. Everything was almost ideal, with very minor setbacks. Considering that we didn’t finalize the content till the last minute, we are eternally grateful. And special thanks to the support ladies who stayed in contact around the clock.

XII International conference “Russian Regions in the Focus of Changes”

Elena Dik

A very important thing is that the account manager remained in contact with us during the entire event, regardless of the time difference, and for that we are very thankful. She helped us with a lot of things, for example, when one of the attendees did not receive an access code (most likely, it ended up in spam). We were very nervous: it was the first time when we were working with an application, and we were worried that something would go wrong. But everything went very smoothly. The feeling that someone has your back made things so much easier.


Daniil Knyazkin

It was a pleasure working with you. You are a tight-knit and efficient team who are always ready to hear new ideas and work out the best way to bring them to life. Thank you for that!

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